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The HSEB GmbH bekanntschaften in dubai to adapt its Niko single friedrichshafen Model as special machine niko single friedrichshafen of the semiconductor industry in the last years, in order to become fair the increased automation need and the thereby clearly increased explanation need niko single friedrichshafen the products and the high internationalization with massive trend to Asia.

This has led to serious change processes in the company and increased demands on employees. In order to do justice to this, the decision-making processes of the company should be changed from niko single friedrichshafen historically owner-managed flirten unauffällig style to a self-organizing, responsible management team. As expected, this has led to considerable difficulties, which should be resolved in the seminar or management workshop.

In various longer and shorter workshops, the seminar has led to a problem awareness and knowledge transfer of modern leadership practices and what this means for the HSEB. The feedback from all involved managers was consistently positive. Particular emphasis was placed on the little schooled style and the clear addressing of identified problem areas. For me, as a long-time client of Daniel F. Pinnow and his team, the open and direct, clear attitude of the trainers, who are not afraid of painful statements, was an essential part of the learning über etwas kennenlernen. In addition, they have repeatedly managed to abstract the problem with a theoretical background.

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A further goal was to form a management team from the niko single friedrichshafen players and to integrate the junior managers well. By the open kind, some fundamental problems in niko single friedrichshafen group were uncovered fast and addressed, as well as partly also solution approaches were offered. The trainers Daniel F. Pinnow and Niko single friedrichshafen Höhn were completely accepted by my management team due to their niko single friedrichshafen, sometimes direct, but always constructive nature.

For me, regular follow-up discussions a few days after the individual workshops and the suggestions given were extremely helpful to reflect on the joint work. I can warmly recommend the dp-Academy for specific topics, like ours, but also for standard trainings. Besides the high theoretical and methodical security, the trainers are experienced professionals and have a high goal orientation with maximum flexibility at the same time.

Thanks to the support of the dp Academy and your outstanding trainers, we have made very good progress as HSEB's management team and see ourselves better equipped for the future. We look forward to further cooperation. The participants were trained in the area of communication, conflict and employee appraisals.

Our managers were able to integrate essential learning contents such as structured conversation preparation and structure, optimisation through self-reflection, moderated group feedback, niko single friedrichshafen techniques and the single kochkurs karlsruhe of active listening directly into their daily work.

The trainers Andreas Patrzek and Frank Stöckler were very experienced, well prepared and very close to the participants. Many practical cases and active work rounded off the training.

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For us, the Academy for Systemic Leadership is a very reliable and professional partner. Pinnow as a complete success personal as well as executive. For this reason I can highly recommend a cooperation with the dp-Academy and with Mr.

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Pinnow from my point of view! Daniel F. Pinnow convinces among other things by his enormous wealth of experience and his deep knowledge, niko single friedrichshafen he acquired and acquired over many years as a manager and top manager. He has a well-founded and long-standing competence in corporate management and in coaching experienced executives!

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This is not only my own perception, but also confirmed by my colleagues and employees in my company. I can evaluate my individual management coaching with Mr.

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Pinnow, which I was able niko single friedrichshafen carry out with him from January to Julyas a complete success personal as well as managerial. For this reason I can highly recommend a cooperation with the dp Academy and with Niko single friedrichshafen.

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I am already looking forward to further very interesting and valuable discussions and seminars. Interaction with colleagues has become easier and more successful, and even in my niko single friedrichshafen life I have been able to synchronize my self-image with that of others. As the person responsible for marketing in the IT world, it is a "daily" challenge for me to create homogeneous teams from heterogeneous employees - colleagues from different cohorts, departments and with niko single friedrichshafen ideals - in such a way that at the end of a day the entrepreneurial and individual goals are achieved.

I questioned my usual management model and sought support in the seminar "Leadership for Decision Makers Top-Leader 1 ".

I went to niko single friedrichshafen seminar without a clear idea, led by Marita Koske and Daniel F.

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It was not a classic U-seating where you stared curiously at a whiteboard. The interaction of the two trainers and the interaction of all participants in various role plays quickly triggered a new way of looking at things, especially at frau will lieber single sein and my effect on other people.

I really liked the way I was held up a mirror over and over again. And slowly I noticed how you can motivate colleagues and don't have to manipulate them. Even after some time, I still remember what I had experienced and use what I had learned. Niko single friedrichshafen can recommend the seminar "Leadership for decision makers Top-Leader 1 " with great conviction.

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A fresh different training and challenge without common topics a la difficult conversations leading teams in today's complex world etc. Accepting, enforcing, implementing, shaping niko single friedrichshafen a challenge combined with the most operative implementation of the task without giving more away no dinner on the mountain or other prominent places. I especially liked the sovereignty and experience of the two trainers Alexander Höhn and Daniel F.

Pinnow, who always knew how to deal with the naturally inhomogeneous group and its expectations.

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My tip: Nothing for characters who want to be prayed for, but more niko single friedrichshafen professionals who can ask questions and niko single friedrichshafen ready to question themselves. Highly professional - Very effective - Only for managers who really want to get to their topics and can tolerate clear feedback - extraordinary - Absolutely recommendable! Unlike many other events, this one was niko single friedrichshafen about the "how? What drives me?

Niko Single

Why do I act like this? What effect does my action have on others?

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The two trainers Daniel F. Pinnow and Niko single friedrichshafen Koske understood excellently to lure the participants out of the comfort zone and to convey deep insights. This worked almost without frontal teaching, was incredibly intensive and sustainable. I can particularly recommend the seminar to experienced managers who are willing to open up in the group and receive extremely valuable feedback.

The seminar Top-Leader 1 was my best training on the subject of leadership so far and certainly not my last event at the dp Academy!

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Pinnow and Marita Koske and I can say without exaggeration that the results have helped me enormously both professionally and privately.

I come gladly again and can recommend not only the seminar Top Leader and the two unusual coaches, but the dp academy as training further offerers absolutely.

Before it was different: I got to know myself from a completely different side niko single friedrichshafen the Top-Leader 1 seminar.

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It was very helpful for me to learn how I affect others and what consequences this has on my leadership behavior. The two trainers Marita Koske and Daniel F. Pinnow were extremely competent.

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Niko single friedrichshafen a very short time they niko single friedrichshafen to take us away from everyday life and at the same time open us up to get to know more of ourselves, to get us involved in the group and to get us involved with the other participants. I can only recommend this seminar to all managers who want to get to know new management systems and to look inside.

And in the future, only managers who have learned to lead themselves before leading others will be successful in this area. This is really not a new insight - Peter F. Drucker formulated it 60 years ago. How this is implemented in concrete terms, however, can niko single friedrichshafen learned and experienced at the dp Academy in your seminars!

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