Zuri hall single, Reality-TV (none 2019)

Εστιατοριο γαληνη χανια

Zuri hall single is considered as the central meeting place of the climbing scene in the region of Aarau. The very impressive meter-high climbing-hall offers around 70 routes and the meter long high-roof brings even experienced climbers to the limit!

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Since its opening 22 years ago, a loyal core clientele has been established and every day beginners are taught the joy and safety of passionate climbing on the rope. Likewise Kraftreaktor can now independently generate content depending on their branding guidelines. Data from current zuri hall single in the climbing hall are transferred via an interface from their route building tool and are integrated in real time zuri hall single their website.

zuri hall single

With scrolling- and micro-animations, blur effects and the integration of the animated logo via the Lottie technology we created as well a modern frontend with app character. The content, as well as the navigation zuri hall single displayed with a lot of zuri hall single space in order to focus on the essentials zuri hall single the geometric Stolzl Font made by The Northern Block supports the minimalistic and modern aesthetic of the Website.

zuri hall single

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